Often times, an injured individual will come to my office with a difficult problem in their workers’ compensation case, mostly because they attempted to navigate the complex workers’ compensation laws themselves, signed something they should not have, or were afraid to hire an Attorney because of repercussion of their employer. Problem is not having a workers’ compensation attorney can inflict potentially irreversible damage to your claim and your workers’ compensation rights. So the question is, do you know when to hire a Workers Comp Attorney? We help you know when it’s time to call.

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When to Hire a Workers Comp Attorney

When you Get hurt

The Golden Rule: Hire a Workers Comp attorney immediately when you are hurt at work, whether your Employer has paid you or not. Most injured workers do not think they need an Attorney because their Employer accepted the claim, has paid them wage benefits, and has paid their medical benefits. That is a good thing. But ask yourself, do you think it will stay that way? Do you get forms in the mail to sign that are confusing and you don’t understand what they are and how it may affect your rights? Your employer is not going to keep you on workers’ compensation long term. They will try and remove you and return you to work, perhaps, before you are physically ready.

But, since they are paying my wage loss benefits, I do not want to pay an Attorney! You won’t. You do not pay any Attorney fees with our firm unless we help obtain you benefits. If you are already receiving benefits, by calling us, you have assurance of the protection of your workers’ compensation rights.  We will monitor your case for free and ensure your Employer complies with each facet of the law. By hiring us from the start of your claim, when you eventually do need us, we are already familiar with you, your claim, your employer, and you specific injury. And, best of all, it costs you nothing, unless we have to fight against a Petition your Employee may file to take away your benefits.

Don’t sign any forms without consulting us first. We are here to answer questions you may have. Often, especially for someone hurt at work the first time, there are many questions and lots confusion. Mooney & Associates will help. You do not need to go it alone! Your rights under the workers’ compensation law are too important to gamble with.

When your claim is denied

If your claim is denied, it’s a no-brainer. Contact us immediately. Often times, Employers may deny claims because they believe your injury/condition is pre-existing. They may also deny claims stating that they do not believe you were injured at work. There are many other reasons Employers use to try and escape liability for your injury. If you received a Notice of Compensation Denial and or have been informed verbally that your claim is going to be denied, CALL US, IMMEDIATELY.  Mooney & Associates’ stand ready to fight for you and your rights!

When your employer has filed a suspension, modification, or termination petition against you

Call us immediately! Your employer is taking the steps to reduce or eliminate your benefits. Your benefits are in jeopardy. Mooney & Associates can help defend your rights.

When You’ve received a request for an independent medical examination

You received a request for an Independent Medical Examination, otherwise known as an IME. We refer to them as Defense Medical Exams. The doctor you will be required to go to for the IME exam is not ‘independent’. He/she is hired by the workers’ compensation carrier and is not concerned with your health and recovery. More than likely, the IME exam is being set up as a precedence to file a Suspension or Termination Petition against your claim. Contact us immediately if you get Notice of an IME exam. Your Employer is entitled to an IME exam every six month. You MUST attend. However, you should contact Mooney & Associates immediately as well so we can be prepared to defend your rights.

When You’re ready for a lump sum settlement

You have been on workers’ compensation for more than FOUR months, will likely never be able to perform your pre-injury job again, have already been released from employment, or if you are just plain sick and tired of the tedious workers’ compensation process, you may be potentially ready for a lump sum settlement to resolve your case.

Are you wondering if settlement is right for you? Mooney & Associates can help. We can take a look at your case, your facts, your current medical treatment, your employment situation, and more to determine if settlement is right for you. It may not be. We have had many clients that we advised against settlement because of the status of their case. Not only will we fight for the most we can get for you in settlement, but we will be upfront and honest on whether you are in a situation where you should even consider settlement. More importantly, if your workers’ comp insurance carrier reaches out to you for settlement, contact us immediately. Your insurance carrier will not put their best effort forward.

Count on Mooney

We stand ready to assist you in all facets of Pennsylvania workers’ compensation. We do it all. We have represented injured workers throughout central Pennsylvania at our 15 locations, including:

Attorney Mark A. Buterbaugh handles the firm’s workers’ compensation cases. He has experience in all areas of workers’ compensation litigation, has settled cases, and is more than familiar with the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation statute. Previous to joining Mooney & Associates, Attorney Buterbaugh worked for a large workers’ compensation defense firm representing insurance carrier and employers. He is familiar with their strategies and can help protect your rights.

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