Strokes are the third leading cause of death in Pennsylvania.  And those that survive strokes are often disabled, unable to work or enjoy their lives in the same capacity as before.  That’s why the state of Pennsylvania passed legislation in 2017 to improve access to appropriate medical care for stroke victims. 


However, the Social Security Administration has not improved wait times for Social Security Disability awards decisions, continuing to subject applicants to some of the most protracted wait times across the country.  If you fail to submit the required material and substantiation for your benefits, the claim will be rejected.  At that point, you will be denied benefits. You would have two options. First, you can certainly reapply. Second, you can appeal the decision on your application for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. The current wait time for an appeal hearing in the Harrisburg region is 16.7 months, compared to the rest of Pennsylvania that is 20.7 months. From the time of your application to receiving an actual decision from the ALJ, you could end up waiting over two years for a decision.


One of the best ways to avoid mistakes in the application process is by hiring a Social Security Disability attorney.  Here at Mooney Law, we do not handle just appeal hearings, but we also help with initial applications for benefits.  Not only will a sharp attorney make certain your application package is complete, they will also be able to connect you with top Neurologists accustomed to helping stroke victims heal and get the SSD benefits they deserve.


Mooney Law works with some of Pennsylvania’s top Neurologists familiar with the documentation required by the state. And if your application has already been rejected by the state, definitely consult an attorney. The good news is Mooney Law’s Social Security Lawyers will review your case for free. Every day we help the people of Pennsylvania and Maryland get their rightfully earned Social Security Disability Benefits.  And we’d like to help you too.  Call us today to schedule a FREE consultation at 171-200-HELP or 833-MOONEYLAW.