Like him or not, President Trump is an indisputably cunning businessman.  He’s a billionaire who has built an international real estate empire and brand.  And he has unapologetically declared Bankruptcy several times throughout the decades.


Bankruptcy has it’s stigma.  Is the stigma of bankruptcy keeping you from taking advantage of what could be the best option to address financial troubles? The fact is, finance experts now recognize bankruptcy as a formidable, intelligent financial tool.  Not only can declaring bankruptcy allow monthly debt payments to be lowered, it often allows individuals and businesses to protect and retain their property.


Of course, it is important for you to weigh the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy. Many people decide that the benefits if a ‘reset’ or ‘fresh start’ outweigh the costs of continued financial struggle and continued wrecked credit. Remember, bankruptcy was put in place by Congress as a safety net. Without that safety new, the financial system would likely collapse quickly. Without bankruptcy, there would be no ‘reset’ or ‘fresh start’ and you would be stuck with your debt for life.  Putting the bankruptcy system to use to avoid dire economic straits is precisely why the system was put in place. 


The key is finding a smart attorney experienced in Pennsylvania and Maryland bankruptcy law.  An attorney that knows what you’re going through and has helped thousands navigate the same financial storm. Fortunately, Mooney Law has a team of attorneys dedicated to Bankruptcy Law for businesses and individuals. And we’ll review your case at absolutely no charge.  Because you shouldn’t have to be a billionaire get sound legal advice. Call Mooney Law today for a FREE consultation for bankruptcy.  Call us at 833-MOONEYLAW or 717-200-HELP.