Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that can be caused by work-related activities.  Usually, this occurs when work activities are repetitive in nature.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome and how do I know if I have the condition?  Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve is compressed.  The median nerve runs through your arm and into your palm side of your hand.  The flexor retinaculum, otherwise known as your carpal ligament, is located on the palm side of your hand.  The condition occurs when the tunnel becomes narrowed or swelling occurs, which puts pressure on the median nerve.

The symptoms that usually result from this compression are pain in the wrist, numbness, tingling in the hand and wrist, weakness in the hand, and difficulty grasping things.  Some people who have carpal tunnel syndrome have weakness that causes them to drop things they are holding.  Additionally, many people who have carpal tunnel syndrome also complain of being awaken in the middle of the night because of numbness, tingling, and pain.

Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome can include work restrictions, wearing a brace, steroid injections, and carpal tunnel release surgery.  Often times, the more conservative treatment fails to relieve all the symptoms and carpal tunnel release surgery is required.  You should not just blow it off and hope it gets better.  The longer the median nerve is compressed, the risk rises that there could be permanent nerve damage.

When looking at work activities that cause carpal tunnel syndrome, they mostly revolve around activities that are repetitive in nature, are fast paced work activities, where there is lack of work-rest or rotation of duties, activities that put your hands and wrist in extreme postures, activities that include forceful gripping, and use of vibratory tools.  Many times, an injured worker may have very mild and  asymptomatic carpal tunnel, but the work activities worsen or aggravate the condition.

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